Best Luggage Scales?

Are you looking to buy  digital luggage scales but unsure as to which one is the ‘Best Buy’? If that’s the case then you’ve come to the right place. There are so many different types of luggage scale available that it is very easy to spend your money on the wrong one. Accuracy, reliabilty and robustness are just a few of the qualities that good digital luggage scales should have. Buying the cheapest hand-held luggage scales to weigh hold baggage, suitcases and cabin bags maybe the wrong thing for you to do. Remember, that ‘CHEAPEST’ doesn’t always mean the ‘BEST VALUE’.

A recent survey of high street and internet retailers has shown that there are only a small handful of scales worth buying . . . and we have them here for you. Below are the three best luggage scales you can buy. Just CLICK ON AN IMAGE BELOW for the best prices.

Balanzza Luggage Scalesno-more-excess-digital-luggage-scale Salter 9500 Luggage Scale

Why Use Digital Luggage Scales

If packing a suitcase could be as exciting as booking a holiday then we’d all be laughing. Unfortunately, for most of us this is not the case. Although you may not yet know it digital luggage scales are the answer to hassle free packing. Use our luggage scale reviews to help you decide which one is best for you.  British Airways, Ryanair, Jet2, East Jet and many other flight operators are just waiting to take your money off you. Get you luggage scale now , weigh your luggage accurately and say goodbye to excess baggage fees!

Less Stress When Packing

What can I take with me and what must I leave behind? Lose the extra pair of shoes, leave the books or forget the phone charger? It can become all too much when you cannot fit your essentials in to your bags.  Imagine the luxury of knowing how much your luggage weighs before you get top the airport.

Worry Free Check-in

Being able to step up to the check-in desk confidently knowing that your bags are not over weight is a tremendous feeling. Why suffer those moments of anxiety any longer? No more ‘I should have’ or ‘next time I will’. Use your luggage scales, put down your suitcase on the airport scale and relax for once.

Pays For Itself

A luggage scale could save you hundreds of pounds. Every time you use them you reduce the risk of paying the airline excess baggage charges. For every kilo you are over your bag allowance it could set you back at least £7.50 with some long haul flights even charging £30 per kg extra. A good set of scales can pay for themselves on the first trip.