Luggage Scale Reviews – The Best Three

Airlines are imposing tighter restrictions on passenger luggage weight and size, and imposing hefty fees for bags exceeding the limits.  A personal hand-held luggage scale allow travellers to check the weight of each case prior to check in at the airport, affording them the opportunity to repack and remove unnecessary items in privacy and avoid paying costly airline fees which range from £7.50 per kg to £30 per kg of excess weight. To help you find the model that’s right for you and your travel needs, consult luggage scale reviews to compare features, benefits and price of the THREE MOST POPULAR BRANDS, Salter, Balanzza and NO-MORE EXCESS!

No-More Excess

The makers of NO-MORE EXCESS! Luggage Scales boast that they help travellers “Pack-to-the Max.”  In addition to two digital models, Classic and Funky, they make a mechanical scale (no batteries needed) that comes with a 100cm tape measure cleverly tucked inside.  Luggage scale reviews of Balanzza note that the horizontal Classic can read up to 40kg and is accurate to within 50g, while Funky with its ergonomic handle can read up to 50kg.  Funky is the lightest luggage scale on the market at just 112g, but all three are compact and portable. The mechanical scale retails for £5.99, Classic for £11.99 for Classic and Funky for £12.99.
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Salter Luggage Scale 9500

The Salter Luggage Scale 9500 is made by Salter Home Products, a top-selling brand of scales in the UK.  In luggage scale reviews, the Salter 9500 is praised for its ergonomically designed handle and accuracy to within 100g.   It attaches to luggage with a heavy-duty strap and is then lifted off the ground.  The unit beeps when the weight is registered and is held on the LCD readout long enough for the user to put the case down.  The 9500 displays weight in 100g increments up to 40kg, and can be shown in kg or lbs, making this a good option for international travellers.  It retails for £19.99. Read the full Salter Luggage Scale Review

Balanzza Luggage Scale

Balanzza offers two models, the newer Ergo Digital Luggage Scale and the Balanzza Digital Luggage scale.  Luggage scale reviews find that both the Ergo and Balanzza are accurate to within 0.1kg with weight displayed on a large, easy-to-read digital panel in the user’s choice of kg or lbs. Luggage is attached to the scale by an integrated strap and the scale itself is horizontal with a front read-out panel.  The Ergo measures weights up to 44kg.  Like the Salter 9500, the Balanzza units, which both retail £19.99, are compact and portable to allow travellers to check luggage weight on the return trip. Read the full Balanzza Luggage Scale Review